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Layoff Services and Resources Page

CSEA fights hard to prevent cuts to members' jobs and public services. Despite our best efforts, and because the law gives employers the right to manage their workforce as they see fit, this sometimes means layoffs or furloughs are unavoidable.

When we can't avoid layoffs, our Labor Relations Specialists work with your elected union officers to make sure that your employer follows both the law and our union contract to make sure they are properly administered. That means following seniority lists and Civil Service Law. We regularly work with the employer to try and find alternatives that will not put workers out of work and public services at risk.

We know that layoffs cause stress and confusion for union members looking at losing their jobs. To assist those who may be impacted by a layoff (also known as a Reduction In Force), CSEA has brought together a series of resources here to help guide you through the process.

NEW! JANUARY 2021 - CSEA has published a Quick Guide tri-fold brochure with helpful resources for workers facing job loss.

Not sure which resources apply to you? Our union's Research Department and Work Institute have developed this valuable learning tool for public sector workers that can assist in clarifying the process:

Alternatively, you can select your type of employment from the tabs below, to find appropriate resources.

Laid off? You don't have to pay dues to remain a CSEA member

If you've been impacted by a layoff or furlough, you can apply for CSEA's 12-month dues-free membership, which can protect your rights and benefits moving forward during this difficult time.

Get job skills training to help jump-start your search for a new career

CSEA members who have been laid off can access FREE online job skill video training courses in many different areas through CSEA's Work Institute.

Get help from CSEA finding and preparing for your next Civil Service Job

Laid off CSEA members can access Civil Service test preparation assistance, including booklets, workshops, exam announcements and information.

Continuing your health benefits through COBRA coverage

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has extended certain deadlines for laid-off workers to apply for continuation of health care benefits through COBRA coverage. More information here.